In case anyone is interested in us still...

2008-08-02 01:30:04 by HyruleanHyroe

Howdy all four of you! The new EP is going really well so far. We need one, maybe two more mixes, then mastering. We're setting up a photo shoot for sometime within the next couple of weeks so we have something to work with for the cover. It's shaping up to be pretty gosh darn righteous, so everyone, e-High five! Or is it iHigh iFive now?


I'm going to get Brian to burn me a CD with our rough takes on it so I can upload a WIP for you guys, a little taste of what's coming up. Happy day for all!

Rude boy, respect! Rude girl, respect! Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!


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2008-09-14 14:11:20

there is still someone interested in you.


anyway, i love you guys. if ya ever come to austria, tell me. i know theres quite no chance you pay here in austria, but if, tell me.
and send me a copy of your ep, no matter what it costs, ill buy it.

ok, i forgot what to say.

so long.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

:D Well good, we still have a fan!

Who knows, we might miraculously become famous enough to tour Austria some day. But until then, check our myspace occasionally. We officially have our mastered copy, so once we get the CD artwork all sorted out, We'll be good to go as far as selling the CD goes!


2008-09-26 23:00:59

man you guys are great. just got into ska myself last year but you guys are some of the best ive heard.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Well thanks! As flattered as I am, though, I'm concerned that you haven't heard and truly great Ska yet. What have you been listening to?


2008-10-19 16:31:52

as i told you before (back then my posting name was "Cephir") i want to have this CD!!!! where are you going to sell them? if it's possible to buy it over the internet, then you have one costumer for sure^^

btw: the name-change was because of our band-account.

need to check ut your new tracks

HyruleanHyroe responds:

I'm sure we'll be able to set up some sort of arrangement. At the very least, we can make our tracks available for download, but we'll see about shipping out actual hard copies of the CD. :)