Entry #7

The Mulligans Online Store!

2009-07-07 15:52:26 by HyruleanHyroe

After much diligent effort and struggle, I am proud to announce that the Mulligans Online Store is officially open for business!! We have CDs, shirts, buttons and stickers for y'all, as well as a donation button to help us fix up our ancient van, Cheryl. Everyone go check it out!



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2009-07-07 17:26:31

I will definitely check that out!


2009-07-07 17:59:48

I just thought od something, Doesn't having all your song for free download on NG defeat the purpose of selling your CD?

HyruleanHyroe responds:

That's why we don't have them all, not nearly. I put roughly 10-15% of our music on NG, and then usually just the rougher copies. It's enough to build a fan base and make ourselves known, but the good stuff is still on the CDs. Not that we're particularly good, mind you. :P


2009-07-08 05:01:56

I see :p And you're pretty good!


2009-08-28 03:48:01

Finally found you guys again, I love your music.


2009-10-03 22:47:07

checked out your store, and it's got some kewlio stuff on it. i'm def getting a t-shirt when i can get some spare cash(you're not the only ones running tight right now), and i will definately see if i can throw some cash toward fixing the van. does it have a new paint job yet? if not can i see a pic of the side that says "buddhist temple of cleveland" on it? or was that a joke? either way, that's pretty funny. also, do you have a full-length album for sale yet? i've listened to all your stuff on your Myspace, and it's extremely relaxing, and i love it. if you got one, i'll probably get that eventually as well. cheers. keep those tunes coming.


2009-12-12 11:13:35

hi uh yeah sorry bout that I hadnt looked at the description when I made that reveiw. oh well. SIGH sigh sighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighs igh. sigh.


2010-05-08 22:52:50

ive recently gotten into your music, its quite good! ive been considering buying your ep.
few questions beforehand (answer honestly, im not too judgemental :P)
what songs are on cat's got your tongue?
how well are they recorded? are they as sketchy as the ng demos?
if you can put the logo you have as your profile pic on a fully checkered tshirt i will buy it.
and um.. i think that's it. you might wanna check out lulu.com, theyre good for self-publishing books and cds, not so much tshirts though. if you ever make it to the pittsburgh area give me a call :P