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New Profile

2007-07-20 03:43:08 by HyruleanHyroe

Well howdy-ho, everyone! My name is Chris, and I am the trumpet player for the ska band 'The Mulligans.' I just completely redid my profile as I am now the Mulligans representative on Newgrounds. I just want to let everyone know that we exist, and that you should check us out at Our Myspace. We've got one song in the portal, and after a few minor technical issues are resolved, we'll have a few newer, higher-quality recordings posted, too. Feel free to listen to what we've got and review it, feedback is always appreciated. Hope to hear from all of you!


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2007-07-20 03:44:57

Welcome to the "Wasting your time' club.

It's kewl =]

HyruleanHyroe responds:

:/ Are you saying NG is a waste of time? I'm afraid I don't understand.



2007-07-20 04:52:16

Who needs myspace when you have a newground user page?...

(Updated ) HyruleanHyroe responds:

Hellz yeah! Except...we get more hits on myspace...and they allow us to schedule shows...and everyone uses it more often...

But I like NG better. That's just me.


2007-07-20 06:58:05

Yay! Ska! You guys remind me of Five Iron Frenzy. Sounds nice. :O

You should make some instrumental songs for the audio portal, because that's better for Flash animations.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

OMG you have just given us the ultimate compliment. FIF is basically the reason this band got started. Originally it was punk, but that changed pretty quickly.

As far as instrumental songs, being a horn player, I would loooooooove to. It's convincing the rest of the band that's tough, hahaha. I'll see what I can do, though!


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