After much diligent effort and struggle, I am proud to announce that the Mulligans Online Store is officially open for business!! We have CDs, shirts, buttons and stickers for y'all, as well as a donation button to help us fix up our ancient van, Cheryl. Everyone go check it out!


2009-05-11 01:23:10 by HyruleanHyroe

Sooo, things are going well in the world of The Mulligans. We have a brand new almost-30-year-old 12 passenger van to drive around in, which is much nicer than the minivan we had been using. Our new recordings are progressing nicely. Most of the mixing is done, and we only need to re-track a few parts to finish them all up. We're getting more organized, as well, and every song we write seems better than the last! Of course, we'll just have to wait and see what you all think once we get them uploaded.

In the next couple of months, we have two members going on vacation (which puts a real cramp in our performances (I'm allowed to complain because I'm one of the vacationers :P)) and we're looking at setting up a big canned food drive concert for some time in July, hopefully. Anyone in Ohio looking for a concert to visit in July, let us know! Ha!

Peace out, and keep on skankin'.



2008-10-20 03:07:06 by HyruleanHyroe

The CD is mastered.

The merch is made.

The show is (kind of) scheduled.

The photos have been taken.

It's simply a matter of doing a bit of photoshopping, printing CDs and cases, and playing our CD release show before the new EP will be available! Woohoo!!! Check out our songs, we've got three from the EP up, and hopefully will soon have our latest hit, Hurricanes & Tidal Waves! HURRAH!

Howdy all four of you! The new EP is going really well so far. We need one, maybe two more mixes, then mastering. We're setting up a photo shoot for sometime within the next couple of weeks so we have something to work with for the cover. It's shaping up to be pretty gosh darn righteous, so everyone, e-High five! Or is it iHigh iFive now?


I'm going to get Brian to burn me a CD with our rough takes on it so I can upload a WIP for you guys, a little taste of what's coming up. Happy day for all!

Rude boy, respect! Rude girl, respect! Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

What is Ska?

2008-03-23 00:26:54 by HyruleanHyroe

It occurs to me that a LOT of people have no idea what Ska is. Either that, or they don't freaking care. They seem to treat the Ska section of the audio portal as a dumping ground for whatever crap they think up, even though there's a miscellaneous section for just such crap. It makes me kind of mad.

Ah, well. Ska is, was, and always will be the underdog. That's part of it's charm. It's that poor, ugly, unwanted puppy that no one wants, but when one lucky person takes it in, gives it attention, it ends up being a lovable pet that makes you happier than any other you've had.

It does. Ska is happiness. And Emo music is a deadly sin.

That's all I got fer now.

New music!

2008-01-31 17:36:44 by HyruleanHyroe

Two new songs up in the portal, 4AM and I Burn Bridges. Listen, rate, vote, review, blam, eat, sleep, fly, whatever! Much love to the homies and the homesses out thurr who actually give us a listen every once in a while.

New Profile

2007-07-20 03:43:08 by HyruleanHyroe

Well howdy-ho, everyone! My name is Chris, and I am the trumpet player for the ska band 'The Mulligans.' I just completely redid my profile as I am now the Mulligans representative on Newgrounds. I just want to let everyone know that we exist, and that you should check us out at Our Myspace. We've got one song in the portal, and after a few minor technical issues are resolved, we'll have a few newer, higher-quality recordings posted, too. Feel free to listen to what we've got and review it, feedback is always appreciated. Hope to hear from all of you!